Regarding Dew Manifesto 

Regarding Dew offers:

-Curated handmade and collected objects that aim to bring intentionality, gratitude and pleasure into the liminal moments of everyday.

-Resources to open up life-giving conversations, within and without.

-A gift drive that serves local community during the holiday season through 1) acknowledging individuals that are in need of support with dignity and compassion and 2) to uphold the power of objects in our lives, particularly using handmade objects to empower experiences of gratitude and meaning in everyday life, as well as interconnectedness to the larger community. 


-To normalize ecologically-conscious design

-To create peace by hand

-To make ecologically-conscious consumer practices accessible: informing social capital and effectively leading change in communities on micro- and macro-levels

-To increase small scale, networked, transparent businesses

-To serve home life as a key site of regenerative consuming and activities and the space in which it is sustained

-Ultimately, to spread deep beauty, a beauty that returns us to ourselves so that we may gracefully experience Doing as a natural effect of Being

Operative beliefs:

-Our vision of ourselves and the world is the strongest asset we have.

-Our deepest, right* passion is medicine and it is our greatest contribution to the collective.

-When we create things, we create meaning; when we gift creations that were made with care and attention, we hope to equally attend to the recipient's individual creative spirit.

-Selling and giving operate in partnership. Commerce as one significant engine of change.**

*A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise. - Aldo Leopold

**William McDonough


Currently, some items will ship from MI, USA and some will ship from Leipzig, Germany — we encourage ordering items that are closest to where you are!

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10% of proceeds goes towards Treesisters, a nonprofit that plants over a million trees a year in the rainforest belt as they are being devastated by deforestation for agriculture, including the harvesting of palm oil. Treesister’s mission is to “elicit collective responsibility for planetary restoration at the grass roots level…” For more information, visit

Regarding Dew is the project of Maggy Navin.